Music Business Professional. Lawyer. Musican.

I am a lawyer and a music business professional. With musical and legal skills in my hands and a hardworking attitude towards achieving my goals, I decided to pursue my career in the music industry and was awarded a scholarship to explore in detail the business side of music at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

With a diverse musical background, I have over a decade worth of experience in music marketing, artist management, and publishing. I hold a law degree from the University of Law in Ljubljana, Slovenia as well as a BA in Music Business/Entrepreneurship from Berklee College of Music.

I am constantly looking for new ways to contribute to the music business industry; for this reason I have participated in an in-depth study on promoting fairness and transparency within the music industry, in collaboration with leading music industry companies, artists, and industry experts. The report I co-authored, has received media attention from more than 20 new outlets.

Fair Music Report

Berklee ICE & Berklee Rethink, Berklee College of Music

Global Repertoire Database failure

Music Business Journal

Hackaton Time

Music Business Journal

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